Three Hearts Co.

Happy Spring to our ThreeHeartsCo. Family! There’s nothing like the feeling that comes this time of year – shedding our coats, planting seeds and bursting out from our winter caves to greet the sunshine. This year is especially uplifting – as we have been aching for this change in season and ability to safely re-connect with loved ones out of doors!

We don’t want to count our chickens before they hatch – but we are certainly feeling the optimism and hope that is also blowing in with the warm breeze. There is much to be excited about and celebrated –  and yet; for many of us with young families we are still staring at months of “the same” ahead of us with the restrictions still in place… We aren’t out of the woods yet and for us parents, it means more of enduing a very different community of support then we had imagined/expected we would have.

Pregnancy, birth and basically any house juggling small humans has looked and felt completely isolated this past year. Nobody to witness the growth, to comment on the milestones and no building of community of like-minded moms (or family) to help support both mom and baby alike. Jessi Cruikshank’s Article really resonated with us – her brave declaration of the loneliness of being pregnant during a pandemic – and not having anyone bear witness to your excitement:

“Being pregnant during a pandemic is a lot of things: it’s scary, it’s challenging, but above all, it’s lonesome. Without the constant acknowledgment of strangers, without seeing friends or family, without moving through the world with a growing baby bump, it feels like I’m keeping a strange secret.” New Mom Who Dis

We at know how valuable community is -it’s the foundation of who we are and the backbone of every family. We are working hard to help our local community and families thrive and make connections (of all kinds) during the pandemic..

This is why we will be doing a special focus on New Parents  – working hard to help Parents-to-Be and New Mama’s reimagine how we welcome a new bundle of joy and provide true support during this special  and challenging time.

We would like to re-imagine the Baby Shower and how friends and family can come together with a meaningful Group Gift that will last for months to come.

We also want to help show that community can be built during a time when we aren’t able to be physically close with our community/village Getting to know the people in your neighbourhood, even from afar/or on a screen, will helps to  build a feeling of connection and that we’re all in this together.

Our ThreeHeartsCo. partners are very special, and the connections made now will remain. Anew parent will never forget being given the gift of support during such a trying time.

So what does this look like??

A group of friends or family gifting – means that a Mamma (and New Dad) will be given support in the form of a ThreeHeartsCo Gift Card, they can then choose to use locally from a fabulous group of supportive services and restaurants to help through the early days and beyond.

We have House cleaners, Photographers, chefs, nutritionists, dog walkers and Concierges – anything you can think of to help Parents :: so your free time is spent with your little ones (and not Cooking. Cleaning etc). 

We have spent the last few months enhancing our website and getting ready for you!! New partners are being added daily and lots of great content and special offers will be announced here on the blog and of course on Facebook.

Let’s re-think how we shower new parents with gifts and what kind of gifts we give! A group gift from ThreeHeartsCo means that everyone in the house will receive care and nourishment!

Until you can be there yourself… send ThreeHeartsCo.