Three Hearts Co.

To say this has been a year like no other would be a profound understatement. In so many ways it has felt like we’ve been on hold, staring at a calendar full of cancelled events and watching our loved ones lives happening through a screen.

In a time of such uncertainty and loss – our days flooded with dire headlines and restrictions, It’s no wonder people may have forgotten to capture (and document) the multitude of magical moments and major milestones still happening all around us. Life hasn’t stopped being beautiful, and yet, we’ve noticed a significant lack of photos being taken and posted celebrating such beauty. Are people choosing not to celebrate or are we simply feeling guilty posting about such moments? Either way, we would like to shine the spotlight on the power of photography (and professional photography) as an important way to document these wonderful moments in our worlds. Photos not only help keep families and friends connected  they have stories to tell! These are birth stories and moments of triumph and beauty (which we think is especially important this past year). Photos help us hold onto and cherish the moments that we wish we could keep forever.

Newborn and pregnancy photos are extra special keepsakes and sometimes the only proof we have that our babies were ever so tiny! These special sessions are something we’re all grateful we made the time to do when our babies were wee …Professional photographers will tell you how very important it is to document your babies arrival – from pregnancy to Birth and everything that comes afterwards our Partner Selina Whittaker couldn’t agree more that we should make the time to capture life’s precious firsts.

Pregnancy and Newborn photos make up a large bulk of Selina’s business – and as a private local photographer (who has been capturing the arrival of new families for nearly 15 years here in the Junction ) she is an expert at curating and arranging this most special  type of ‘photoshoot’. Also – because she isn’t tied to a particular studio space – she is flexible and able to come to you in a safe/planned manner either indoors or outdoors to keep this tradition alive!

Selina’s tips and things to consider ::

  1. The best time for newborn Photography is 7-14 days because they are still very sleepy – but it’s never too late to capture your new one! Selina’s trademark is to capture you ‘just’ as you are and in a more natural and candid manner (minimal to no poses – which works best during this time when safe distances must be adhered to). Her natural approach captures you and your wee one ‘just’ as you are (cuddles and all). She encourages you to bring your favourite blankets and snuggly toys too!
  2. The Newborn session usually lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours.  This gives ample time to relax and accommodate feeding breaks, diaper changes, etc.
  3. Siblings are welcome – and usually will have their pictures done at the very start (or when the baby is sleeping). Remember – it’s all about documenting things as they naturally happen around the baby. Beautiful chaos! Real moments! They make their own schedule. It’s fun and magical to just go with the flow, etc
  4. Pregnancy shots – it’s a beautiful time to get outdoors and Selina looks forward to working with you on your ideas…

What we especially love about Pregnancy and Newborn Photoshoots (apart from officially capturing the arrival of baby and helping us make amazing birth announcements) is that they also make sure to capture the whole Family (so our kids can remember what we looked like too when we were young parents). Bonus – we love anything that makes sure more Mom’s are present and in the photos too!

All of this is why we feel so happy (and lucky) to have Selina on board as a ThreeHeartsCo. Partner! Working with her would make a simply beautiful group  gift for a young family to choose from.  Photography so special and beautiful to help give them something to share with the world and to have something bright and beautiful to align with this dark time.

We love to focus on Love and supporting each other through all of life’s changes – to bear witness to all lifes moments and  milestones – which is why we have created the Baby Shower Gift Card as an option for your next Baby Shower!

Communities have found new ways to come together  (to be there for each other virtually and otherwise). Support looks different this past year and we hope that ThreeHeartsCo. and our list of partners can help. We are constantly looking for new and creative ways to help you support and celebrate your loved ones and dear friends. Selina is just one of the many partners a new parent could choose to use their new Baby Shower Community Card  – we hope you’ll take the time to check out more of her work and her commitment to young families and helping them record these poignant moments.